• Managing the potential risks of SPACs

    The SPAC market is always changing, and leaders need to be prepared for what comes next. In this article, Mark E. Watson III outlines the major risks involved in SPACs, and where he predicts the market is headed.

  • What to Look For in the SPAC Market as it Evolves According to Mark E. Watson III

    CEO and investor Mark E. Watson III discusses why SPACs are still a viable go-to-market strategy, and what company leaders need to know in order to best utilize this method. 

  • Alastin Skincare® Announces Issuance Of Fifth And Sixth U.S. Patent

    ALASTIN Skincare®, Inc. – a specialty aesthetics company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, clinically-tested physician-dispensed skin care products, announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued two new patents.

  • Inc.’s Founder Friendly Investors – 2021

    We’re pleased to announce that Aquila Capital Partners has been named an honoree on @Inc’s 2021 Founder-Friendly Investors list. This award honors the private equity and venture capital firms with the best track record of successfully supporting private equity and venture capital firms.

  • Mark E. Watson III, How To Show Up In Life And Go Do It (Episode #188)

    Mark E. Watson III, How To Show Up in Life and Go Do It (episode #188)

    Mark E. Watson dedicates all of his efforts to Aquila Capital Partners, a proprietary capital investment fund with the mission to support the next generation of entrepreneurs building purpose-driven, innovative, technology-enabled companies. 

  • The Dream Is Just The Start: How To Find Your Purpose And Make It Reality

    The Dream is Just the Start: How to Find Your Purpose and Make It Reality

    Anyone can have a great idea, but turning that idea into a successful business requires a completely different skill set. Helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable products and services that millions can benefit from is what CEO and investor Mark Watson has been doing his whole life.

  • Business Transformation: From Insolvency To A $3 Billion Multinational

    Business Transformation: From Insolvency To A $3 Billion Multinational

    In this episode, Mark E. Watson III discusses how he overcame these economic shocks in order to transform a $300 million company nearing insolvency into a $3 billion multinational firm.

  • How To Invest $1 Million Right Now

    How to Invest $1 Million Right Now

    Where would you invest one million dollars in today’s economic client? In this article, Mark Watson, founder of Aquila Capital Partners, explains why investing in ecosystems is the way to go. 

  • True Evolution In Insurance? Not Yet

    True Evolution in Insurance? Not Yet

    True innovation in the insurance industry is still a ways away. We must move beyond tweaking our products and procedures and learn to better serve our customers.

  • How To Effectively Scale Your Business

    How to Effectively Scale Your Business: A Case Study With Mark E Watson

    Building a business isn’t easy, but according to investor and entrepreneur Mark E. Watson III, scaling a company involves one potentially surprising factor: simplicity. How can leaders set their company up for success by simplifying their methods and processes? Read more to find out.

  • The Future Of Work In Post-Pandemic America

    The Future Of Work In Post-Pandemic America

    The pandemic changed the way we think about work. In a post-pandemic world, what is the future of work? Our everyday business strategies have changed, causing companies to pivot, adapt, and embrace change, according to Mark E. Watson, founder and chairman of Aquila Capital Partners.

  • Remote Team Communication Should Be Strategic And Outcome Based

    Remote Team Communication Should Be Strategic and Outcome Based

    Entrepreneur, leader, and CEO of Aquila Capital Partners, Mark Watson, shares that the key to success for remote leaders is to understand the importance for communication to be strategic and outcome based.