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Mark's Health Tip of the month


  • January: Get your heart rate up – go for a walk 30 times a day, and lift weights 2 times weekly
  • February: Lower your carb and sugar intake
  • March: Maintain and optimize your health gut biome using testing done by
  • April: Take a food allergy test and learn what foods you should avoid to optimize your health 


  • June: Drink more green tea, less coffee
  • July: Combat summer overindulgence with magnesium and melatonin before bed
  • August: Listen to The Matt Walker Podcast and improve your sleep
  • October: Listen to the Huberman Lab podcast above to learn how alcohol affects your sleep
  • November: Get your gut biome back on track with fiber and probiotics
  • December: Give’s BeetElite a try for exercise optimization

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