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how I started My journey
to success

Growing up, I was the boy with the paper route—the one who’d buy candy at the drugstore and then sell it to his friends for a profit. At age 11, I bought my first stock, Walt Disney, for just a few hundred dollars, but it taught me early on about investment and the different ways of earning a return on money.

For over 25 years, I’ve been an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. I’ve run 2 public companies—saving one from insolvency and turning it into a market leader with $10 billion in assets. I’ve acquired dozens of companies, both public and private, hired thousands of people, and navigated through major world crises.

Aquila Capital Partners

Today, I’m helping fellow entrepreneurs build their businesses through my investment firm Aquila Capital Partners, which I cofounded in 1998, by providing them with both financial and intellectual capital.

For entrepreneurs who have taken their company from 0 to 1, Aquila can help them take it from 1 to 10.


Helping enterpreneurs through Aquila not only with capital but with IP as well


Particularly focused on helping companies scale


Advising and guiding company leadership at their request


how I started My journey
to success

Alongside my work with entrepreneurs, my wife, AnaPaula, and I are devoted to helping disadvantaged children get a decent shot at life, in the hope of building a better future for them and the world as a whole.