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From the stage
to your screen, I
enjoy speaking about
my experiences and
educating others.

You’ve created your company and taken it from 0 to 1. I know what it takes to bring your company from 1 to 10. I’ve been investing in innovative businesses for over two decades.

I’ve built two public companies and am credited with pioneering a new approach to specialty insurance and reinsurance. So how can I help your company evolve? Let me lead the way to growth for your business.

In a Tweet:

I’m a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who believes in transforming tech businesses.

Full Bio:

Building businesses is part of my DNA. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and started my career out as a salesman, selling candy in-between classes in elementary school. I went on to law school and eventually found my calling helping other people build their businesses and working as an investor. 

I’m an avid yachtsman and family man who has extensive expertise in leading the way for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike. Among my early investments was a company in the specialty underwriting sector, of which I became CEO In 2000. When I joined the company, it was a regional, $300 million underwriters nearing insolvency. In 2019, when I retired, it was a thriving public company with $3 billion in revenue, clients in 60 countries, and thousands of new jobs created.

Today, I devote my time to Aquila Capital Partners, a proprietary capital investment fund that I founded in 1998. Through Aquila, I am able to back the next generation of entrepreneurs building innovative, technology-enabled companies.


My keynotes and presentations equip audiences with a new perspective on how to run organizations with efficiency and the right energy. My transformational techniques and no holds barred advice will help you push past plateaus and experience exponential growth. Through real-world examples and informative stories, I deliver strategies that your audience can immediately apply to increase results—and ultimately, continue to innovate and shape the future of business.

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